The #JusticeforEthan Campaign – What Can I Do?

20 May

It’s been 128 days since the senseless death of Robert Ethan Saylor, at the hands of off-duty Frederick County MD Sheriff’s police. The coroner ruled Ethan’s death a homicide, yet charges still have not been filed against the men responsible for Ethan’s death. Ethan was an adult with Down Syndrome who wanted to stay to watch another run of a movie, but could not understand that he had to buy an additional ticket. A situation that could have been handled with a cool head and patience, ended up with one man dead and a community in mourning.

Help us get #JusticeForEthan — After all, if we don’t do it, who will?

But, but, but… What can I do? I’m only one person!?!

There’s so much you can do!

    1. Get informed. Read the many blog posts online about Ethan Saylor’s encounter with police on that fateful day, January 12th, 2013.
    2. Sign the Petition calling for an independent investigation into Ethan’s death, which was ruled a homicide by the coroner.
    3. Call, email, fax, tweet and Facebook message the politicians listed here and demand an independent investigation into the death of Robert Ethan Saylor.
    4. Call, email, fax, tweet and Facebook message the disability and civil rights related organizations listed here and demand an independent investigation into the death of Robert Ethan Saylor.
    5. Join our Thursday Twitter Campaign where we tweet any and all involved politicians, news outlets, and disability organizations with the hashtag #justiceforethan . New to Twitter? No problem. See Step 6 of this blog for sample tweets you can send! Additional Twitter handles and contact information for disability related organizations can be found here.

Note: Image shown above is courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “The #JusticeforEthan Campaign – What Can I Do?”

  1. Benjamin Joseph Jancewicz August 3, 2014 at 5:21 pm #

    I see that you used my illustration on your page, I’m flattered!

    While I don’t mind you using my image at all; it’s important to me to have the image credited with the author; myself. I make a living by selling the work I do. 🙂

    It’s part of a series of quotes I did on famous people. You can see more about the series here (and you can repost them if you like):

    • valerieandanne August 3, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

      Thanks, Benjamin. My apologies for the oversight. I’ve cited your website as the source of the picture. (You will see the notation at the bottom of the post). Again, thanks for contacting me.

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